Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Minecraft, sometimes known as virtual Lego, has been a popular game for many years. Its popularity hasn't diminished throughout the years, and it's still going strong now. Minecraft's multiplayer mode is one of the most popular features currently, and one of the most innovative aspects of the multiplayer mode is discovered via internet servers. In this post, we've compiled a list of some of Minecraft's most amazing, innovative, and amusing servers. If you've been a long-time Minecraft fan, take a look at some of these classics, as well as some more "indie" servers. If you're new to Minecraft, relax and take in some of the most innovative ideas from the gaming community. There's something for everyone on our list of Minecraft survival servers, and we're confident that both seasoned gamers and curious newcomers will be inspired.

If you already know everything there is to know about this, scroll down and check out the incredible servers we've discovered. However, it's possible that you're just getting started with Minecraft. Let me give you a brief refresher. A Minecraft server is what allows Minecraft players to connect and play together over the internet. You may manage many aspects of the game, such as game modes and the amount of players, by setting up a Minecraft server. There are a ton of servers to select from - think of them as an online catalog where you can pick and choose what sort of game you want to play. In our list of Minecraft servers, we've built a mini-catalog of these sites that will give you a decent sense of what's available.

Psst! Are you also curious about what a server is? Don't worry, you can learn more about this in our post and improve your IT skills.

A list of the greatest Minecraft servers.

Let's get this party started! We're really happy to present you these Minecraft servers, as each one has its unique set of rules, mood, and community. Of course, this list of Minecraft servers is far from complete, but it does highlight some of the greatest Minecraft servers.


We couldn't make a Minecraft server list without mentioning Hypixel. Hypixel is one of the most popular Minecraft communities, with a wide range of game types. Our Minecraft server also has a number of minigames, making it a great place to start this list because it displays some of the finest elements of Minecraft multiplayer.


Autcraft is a Minecraft server developed specifically for persons with autism to counteract a potentially overwhelming experience on some of the larger servers, such as Hypixel or Mineplex (see below). While it is a fairly normal server in terms of itself, the measures made to prevent terrifying characters from appearing in game make it worthwhile to include on the list as a family-friendly and safe server.

Crafts for Pirates

Pirate Craft, another well-known and popular server, is ambitious and imaginative, exactly as the finest Minecraft servers should be. Oh, and there are ships that work. That's correct! You can maneuver port and starboard while avoiding hostile obstacles and guns on this interactive roleplay server. Before you know it, you'll be yelling Ahoy! YAR! and Matey! Just make sure you're getting enough vitamin C.

MC Potter World

Minecraft's appeal is that it lets you to construct worlds based on either imagination or reality (such as EarthMC, see below). Potterworld MC is a beautifully realistic Minecraft server that mixes fiction and reality by constructing fantastical maps based on a real-life fantasy story– still with us? TL;DR: It's a Minecraft server with a Harry Potter theme.

Fans of the books and movies will delight in being able to practically explore the halls of Hogwarts, play Quidditch, and marvel at the grounds' magnificence. The server has RPGs and events, as well as a vibrant, creative community. You won't believe the level of detail in this Minecraft server if you watch the YouTube video below — if you've seen the movies, you'll know every shot – and you won't believe the amount of detail in this Minecraft server!

Ranch n' Craft is a combination of ranching and crafting

Ranch n' Craft, dubbed the “Red Dead Redemption” of the Minecraft universe, is the place to go whether you want to participate in dramatic bar fights or simply live out your horse fantasies - really, this server has so much detail for the aspiring equestrian. Horses become ill, have personalities, and have the ability to reproduce. This is the life of a rancher, and it's all unique to this server. Sure, it's a niche, but it's definitely worth it to switch up your gaming routine.

Having a Good Time

Creative Fun is a server that gets a lot of attention yet is underestimated - underappreciated since it is, after all, the world's largest Creative server. The concept is simple and straightforward, and it might assist you in gaining a foothold in the vast world of creative and multiplayer servers. You'll be given a 512x512 plot to create on, and you'll be able to appreciate the works of other people as well. The gameplay is simple, making it ideal for beginners who wish to try their hand at online gaming.

We Are Among Us

No, we aren't talking about the incorrect game! There's even a Minecraft server dedicated to The Among Us, and the social deduction game has taken off in Minecraft as well as the rest of the internet. If you haven't played the original Among Us, don't worry; you'll be able to pick up the rules quickly enough. We're confident you'll become addicted! You don't need any modifications or texture packs, but if you really want to get into the cross-over, you may buy Among Us themed skins.


It's both lovely and enjoyable to be at altitude. It combines four survivor servers that are all synchronized together, giving you access to various layers of gaming. This server gives you a lot of creative flexibility, but it'll keep you on your toes because it's survival-based. Altitude claims to have a one-of-a-kind server setup, which is why it's on our list. It's also nice because when you move servers, you don't lose your cash or awards. Plus, the structures are rather lovely, which is never a bad thing.


The last season of HBO's Game of Thrones is done, but that doesn't mean we've had enough of the fantastical world. If you're searching for a method to incorporate more Game of Thrones-themed material into your life, WesterosCraft is the way to go. This server's community is hardworking and precise, and the focus appears to be on developing right now. You'll need to apply to join the construction team, but you may take a tour at any time.


EarthMC, located in Sweden, allows users to freely traverse the globe, which may be attractive if you've been unable to travel for some time. Small town development is encouraged, as is the formation of new nations or the merging of existing ones. As one may expect, PvP gameplay follows when nations are engaged. It's up to you and your other players how historically accurate you wish to be. As for us, we'll be focusing on the economy and commerce, and doing everything we can to flourish.


One of the most popular is ExtremeCraft. It is one of the most popular Minecraft servers, with several servers offering various game kinds. Do you want to play a game of hide and seek? Prison-mode? BedWars? RPG? Survival? ExtremeCraft is a game with a lot to offer. Extreme Craft hosts competitions for large projects if you ever need inspiration or ideas for your next creation.


What better way to round up our list of Minecraft servers than with the largest of them all?! At the time of writing, Mineplex is the largest server and has something for everyone. Because this server is so large, there will always be someone online, and the staff and gamers are fantastic at assisting others. Mineplex has something for everyone, whether you're into survival and skywars, or fast building and being creative, or all of the above.

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